Our Classrooms

Infant Room

Age 6 weeks to 14 months

Our infant room serves eight children in a loving, stable, and attentive environment. Our infant curriculum is focused on physical growth, fine-motor development, gross-motor development, and early literacy development. Each parent will receive an individualized check-in form at the end of each day with a report about food intake, diapers, and classroom activities.

Three-Year-Old Rooms

Age 3 yrs old

We have two three-year-old rooms, each one with eight to ten children.  This is such an exciting age for children to be in school. They are beginning to form friendships, express stronger preferences for types of play, and becoming more and more imaginative. Our three-year-old rooms provide a lot of opportunity for student choice, using the High Scope curriculum, and they also build relationships of trust and enjoyment with their peers and teachers.

Guest teachers will be invited to share their expertise with these curious learners, exploring the natural world, creative dance, food preparation, and more.  Each three-year-old has one full-time teacher and a part-time assistant teacher.

Toddler Room

Age 1 to 3 yrs old

Our toddler room is an exciting space designed for twelve young explorers to discover their world through hands-on activities, stories, songs, and games. We will have three full-time lead teachers in the room, each primarily responsible for a group of four children, so that children feel safe and secure with an adult who knows them well.  Our toddlers have lots of time to choose their own play in our classroom and on our playground as well, learning socio-emotional and conflict resolution skills.

Four Year-Old Room

Age 4 yrs old

Our four-year-old room is truly the culminating learning experience at Garden of Dreams.  Our four-year-olds are challenged through a student-led curriculum, three loving teachers, and many opportunities for more advanced creative explorations of dance, music, and theater.

Our four-year-olds are also called upon to further develop their socio-emotional strengths, building leadership, perseverance, and empathy as student-leaders in the preschool.  Our four-year-old room has up to 20 children.